About Us:

We are an interdisciplinary team of founders that came forth from the master's degree programm of the University of Mannheim. With our proptech-startup we will disrupt the real estate market.


Your Profile:

Your studies have an emphasis on computer sciences and you:


  • burn for innovation and programming
  • have experiences in JAVA, PHP, Rails, and/or Groovy
  • have a background as frontend-, backend- or fullstack-developer with DevOps-experiences
  • know about REST-API, microservices, UI/UX-frameworks

We are working hard around the clock to create an awesome marketplace for home-buyers and -sellers. And we are looking for you to join our team. Here is what makes our idea unique and why you should join us:

We are unique

Over an innovative plattform and through streamlined processes, we save buyers and sellers money and time in the procedure of exchanging ownership of a real estate property.


We thrive to create a responsible company, in which sustainable prosperity is shared prosperity. Next to a team with 51 combined years of experience in the field of information technology, engineering, business and electronic media, we offer partnership options to all our members.

Renowned Backers

Our project is backed and supported by world renowned university of Mannheim.

Let's kick some ass! Become part of the journey: